Solite boots – They’re SO Light!

Solite Boots

Here at Puravida, we aren’t one for fads or gimicky products, so we approached these new boots with caution. Boasting lightweight spec, barefoot feel and heat moulded fit we feared a marketing extraordinaire of a train wreck product. We were wrong……

The new Solite boots come in 3 models, each offering 3mm or 6mm thickness, all of which offer the custom fit heat moulding interior. So what does Heat moulding mean? Essentially, when you get the boots new, fill it with boiling water and leave for 5 mins before emptying and adding cold water for a few seconds to save burning your feet, then slip the boots on. after around 5 mins of wearing the boots, the lower liner moulds to your foot shape to give a simply unrivalled fit to your foot,resulting in comfort like no other. the upper section has a plush thermal liner too and full fluid weded seams so warmth in the water was never an issue, but hey presto, you have a custom fit boot that is insanely comfy and toasty warm in the sea!

The other thing you will notice when you first pop them on is just how good the feel through the sole is – certainly the closest we have found to riding barefoot whilst wearing boots! The sole is not skimpy either, with a hardwearing rubber to make sure it does offer protection against reefs and longevity without wearing out.

All in all, Solite are sure to break the market of wettie boots and we really can’t stress how special these boots are!