Puravidas guide to hitting the big chill…

The chills coming in after a mild December but theres no need for that to keep you off the water!

With rapid increases in neoprene technology and onshore post surf products even the fair weather sailer needn’t miss out on those winter storms!

With the low pressure systems moving through the UK during the winter months it’s the time of year for the most exhilarating of session. Why let your wetsuit hold you back?!!!!!


  • It doesn’t matter what your wetsuit looks like or how much you spend on it, if it doesn’t fit its not going to do the job! Too big and it won’t insulate you properly, too small it will restrict your movement.
  • The other key factor to bear in mind is the neoprene thickness. The colder the conditions the thicker the wetsuit should be, but don’t worry with the advances in neoprene technology and enormous improvement in flexibity it keeps the bendiest of freestyles happy (5mm for temps ranging from 5-15 degree c).

Heres our guide to the top products for beating the chill….