O’Shea GTE Touring Board – REVIEW!!!

O'shea GTE
Check the latest review of the awesome Oshea GTE touring board! Available to test drive, view & buy at Puravida Boardriders or on one of our local club night paddles!!!

The Ultimate in Exploration SUPing !

Whether your on a sunny afternoon paddle or an epic voyage ,this board brings out the hidden explorer in all of us …..


SUP Mag UK – Review Fusion Lite GTE

O’Shea HP series are a convergance of both High Performance and Lite weight fabrics !
The Pre- laminated outer PVC has a weight saving of approx 20% over more traditional SUP constructions ,with almost NO loss of torsional or longitudinal stiffness . Don’t however confuse this Material with many brands that use the word “Fusion” – albeit they have a fused outer their  internal drop stitch  thread is often of  poor  tensile strength !

Size for size , not only is this Light ,it also rolls up smaller – WIN WIN !!

” Ride into Tommorrow today “