New 2018 Wave/ Freestyle line from Fanatic

New for 2018 is the Grip! The wave-weapon of champions, its wide swallow tail and fast rocker line pumps out loads of spray through the turns. Our wave team has been testing this concept for over 24 months and have specified the best possible fin setup per board, the name Grip is a result of that R&D process, defining exactly how much grip and drive each shape needs.

The Stubby TE welcomes the new 82l and 89l sizes to the fine-tuned 76l and 99l. The parallerel concept and wide diamond tail provides supercharged planing, whilst the rail shape and compact outline make tight turns easier than ever. Available in TE this radical yet straightforward model is a must-have for every quiver. Leaving a legacy in its wake, we wave goodbye to the FreeWave as we know it and welcome a new era!

The FreeWave STB is available in 4 sizes, 85l, 95l, 105l and the new 115l, as well as three exciting constructions. Straighter, more parallel rails are combined with a Stubby-Style nose for easy wave performance and epic bump & jump!

The SkateTE is coming in 4 sizes (86l to 108l), the 93l is more compact and with less nose area for even faster rotations, and reduced swing weight. Feeding the hunger of progressive Freestyle fanatics across the globe with its mind-blowing acceleration, top speeds and power, this design slips seamlessly between aerial and sliding tricks. Full of spirit, engaging and raring to go, the Skate is happiest under the feet of ambitious riders.