Fanatic Stubby and Quatro Super Mini, wave board reviews & special deals!!

Sometimes there is just a graphic change with board brands, or another similar wave board released…..that’s pretty much as good as the last! But the most recent developments in board design, especially with shapers like Sebastian Wenzel and Keith Taboul leading the way…….really have brought us something special. Battling against steady price increases, we have actually seen these boards cover a much bigger wind range and more conditions with stacks more ‘ease of use’ built in, so you simply need less boards! Maybe the cost isn’t so bad after all?!

The new materials are light and strong, feeling amazing under foot with better planing characteristics for each size! At Puravida we see almost no warranty claims any more – so it’s a good time to buy a board in my eyes, especially if you can snag a deal before the 2017 price increases!!

Stubby concept boards are probably one of the most important shapes of modern wave sailing!! It’s the easiest wave board I have ever used, so much so that Fanatic have just released a FREEWAVE version that I’m pretty certain will change the free wave concept completely and Quattro now have the SUPER MINI that is the only other board on the market that comes close to the stubby in terms of that kind of easy to use format with such a huge/fun wind range!

The stubby concept works unbelievably well, and what makes it so good is that it is SO EASY to sail in the conditions we actually get 90% of the time, and I can guarantee you will get more turns on a wave than you think, plus they are so efficient to get going and tank upwind! Don’t think of this as being a rad wave board that’s hard to sail, it’s more like a free wave that makes you shred – there’s no question that I plane quicker, go upwind easier and ride waves better on this board than anything else I’ve used before! The wind range is massive from one board and it would probably make the ultimate first time or one wave board quiver for anyone!! I can hit the road with just the stubby 88 (for my weight), a 5.3 and 4.7 with one mast & boom, having 90% of wavesailing covered on a minimal quiver of kit, intact that’s exactly what I took with me on a recent trip to the canaries in just one board bag weighing less than 30 kilos……..wave sailing is getting closer to surfing all the time, there’s nothing like keeping it simple!

Here’s a great little vid from local ripper and ace camera man Screamer Dave with a few of the local boys enjoying the new style wave boards from Fanatic, Quattro, simmer and Goya – I had a lot of fun that day in the little waves on the stubby making the most of the conditions!!

I’ve tested the stubby 88 in conditions from 1 foot onshore much to mast high down the line in Mauritius and it’s delivered some of my best see ions of all time hands down!


At Puravida we have the 88 & 77 stubby available to demo and the Freewave Stubby 95 is on it’s way as I write this.
Now, don’t just take my word for it, you can demo these boards yourself and there are plenty of reviews out there saying the same thing, if anything perhaps some of them are a little under stated on just how good the new style boards are.  Here’s a great write up from Adrian at Boardseeker who is known for his honesty!  It’s very well written and also helps you place the boards in there range in terms of which one to use for the conditions and riding you want to do.

The board specs from fanatic and some great vid clips are available here:



The quattro super mini is the other board to consider that is of a very similar concept.  The main difference with the SUPER Mini is the bigger sizes (94 and 104) are better and easier to sail for bigger guys (say 95 kilos and over) as it has a the volume concentrated further back and under the straps.  This board is so smooth and well behaved it’s perhaps even easier to sail than the stubby (and that’s saying something) but a little less lively and more relaxed off the back foot with more volume in the tail.  This board really has the best acceleration of any wave board I’ve tried and is already selling well straight off the first delivery only a few weeks ago.  We have the bigger sizes in 94 and 104 available to demo now and the 84 will be coming very soon.

Other boards to consider in the compact wave board range that have massive all-round appeal are the Fanatic Tri-Wave and the Quattro Cube.  With the 2 boards above these are by far our 4 most versatile boards on the shelf at the moment, and the ones all our testers have had the most fun with in the conditions we are most likely to actually sail in!  If you think of the versatility of the stubby concept, these boards loose a little bit of the bottom end and ‘shred ability’ in poor conditions, in favour of a bit more ‘down the line’ appeal in terms of how they ride.  They would make a great one boards solution or partner to a stubby in a 2 board quiver.

If you are looking for a slightly more dedicated wave board that has the edge in down the line conditions or bigger waves but still stacks of speed and all-round appeal, instead of or as a partner to one of the compact wave boards ….. our 2 most popular more dedicated shapes this year with team riders and customers alike have been the 3 Fin Quattro Pyramid and the 4 fin Fanatic Quad, both are real fast and loose, and surprisingly easy to sail too – standout boards!!  There’s quite a difference in style with the Fanatic Quad riding more off the front foot with a smooth and fluid turn, whereas the Pyramid allows you to push hard off the back foot and carve around hard rather than the more slashy feel and broken out turns you can get from a quad.

(At 13 stone/85 kilos I tend to sail the fanatic stubby 88 & quad 90 as my 2 main boards or Quattro Super Mini 94 and Cube 85 as a guide from 5.6 down to 4.2 – Jim)

If you’d like to find out more about any of these boards just give me a call as I’ve been testing them for some time now and have a good range of sizes in each model on our demo fleet!

With the ‘BREXIT’ effect hitting watersports industry quite badly this year, the drop in value of the pound coupled with some increases in price ahead means we’ve got a few special offers in limited numbers that should help keep you on the right side of the deal!  Also make sure you take advantage of our trade in scheme which guarantees you a minimum of £200 or more against any new board at rrp no matter what you have – why not bring us classic?!  Puravida Boardriders want your used boards!!

Don’t forget that the Fanatic Stubby and Quad shapes are so good that they carry through to 2017, making the 2016 graphic board a killer deal for the moment!

Here’s our latest SPECIAL OFFERS in limited numbers with FREE DELIVERY on first come first served basis:

 2016 Fanatic Stubby 88 TE – rrp £1799 – Ex-Demo – £999 BUY IT NOW
2016 Fanatic Stubby 77 & 88 TE – rrp £1799 – NEW – £1349 BUY IT NOW
2016 Fanatic Quad 81 & 90 TE – rrp £1799 – Ex-Demo – £999 BUY IT NOW
2016 Fanatic Quad 81 & 90 TE – rrp £1799 – NEW – £1349 BUY IT NOW
2017 Quattro Super Mini 94 & 104 – rrp £1649 – Ex-Demo – £1349 BUY IT NOW
2017 Quattro Cube 85, 95 & 105 – rrp £1649 – Ex-Demo – £1349 BUY IT NOW
2017 Quattro Pyramid 86 – rrp £1649 – Ex-Demo – £1349 BUY IT NOW

The New Fanatic Stubby TE 2017 board comes in 77, 88 & 99 sizes at rrp of £1849 in the new construction.

The new Fanatic Freewave Stubby TE 2017 board comes in 77, 88 & 99 sizes at rrp of £1849 in the new construction.

The New Quattro Super Mini 2017 board comes in 84, 94 & 104 sizes at rrp of £1649

The New Quattro Cube 2017 board comes in 75, 80, 85, 95 and 105 at rrp of £1649
If you’re looking to move on any of your kit (we need more used boards) or have any kit queries at all please drop me a line or pop in for a coffee – that’s always FREE :-))