All New JP Super Ride – Now Available to Pre Order

JP Super Ride Gold

JP Super Ride Action Shot

All new JP Super Ride – Available to Pre Order Now, Delivery by End of May

As a mid season release, the all new super exciting JP Super Ride is available to pre-order nw to be the first in the UK to be on one! What’s more, they are all also FOIL READY, and from just £1299!


Designed to be the solution many blasters were looking for, this board offers maximum performance at an accessible level, which results in maximum fun every time you step out on the water.

The Super Ride is designed to sit between the Magic Ride Freeride line and Freerace Super Sport line. They offer the ease of sailing of the test winning Magic Ride, and the speed and prowess of the Super Sport. The Super Ride board is set for a bright future.

The Super Ride is compact and relatively short overall and not too wide in the midsection. The center of gravity is close to the mast base, which reduces swing weight. This provides an incredibly smooth ride and gives you a lot of control. The parallel outline delivers stability when not planing. All this makes it a real pleasure to ride in all conditions.

Towards the tail we reduced the width creating additional outline curve. Your success rate of making all kinds of gybes, and the fact that you will plane out of them, will leave you and your sailing buddies speechless.

The smoothly domed deck shape guarantees a comfortable stance and makes it easy to get into the footstraps, no matter if you chose the inboard or outboard option. All strap options provide good leverage to load up the fin and accelerate.

In the 2019 line the SUPER RIDE will replace the ALL RIDE and X-CITE RIDE ranges which will be cancelled.




Super Ride Specifications