Check out our ever changing and updated list of ex-demo,used and clearance surfboards available to buy at unbeatable prices! Take a look through the list below for full details and photos, and should you want any further information, expert advice, or to place an order then please don’t hesitate to Contact us

FirewireGo Fish (Factory-Second)5'720 1/22 5/1631.1FCSII (Twin)Display£680£499PHOTO
FirewireOmni (slight-damage)5'819 7/82 9/1632.4FCSII (5)Display£680£499PHOTO
FirewireEvo Squash5'820 1/42 9/1639.3Futures (5)New£699photo
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Pyzel Gremlin5'920 1/42 1/232FCSII (3)NEW£549PHOTO
FirewireTwice Baked TT5'922 3/82 3/442.0FCSII (5)New£699photo
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Pyzel Gremlin5'1020 3/82 9/1634FCSII (5)NEW£579PHOTO
Pyzel Astropop5'10202 7/1632FCSII (5)NEW£579PHOTO1
FirewireNo Brainer5'1019 3/42 5/834Futures (5)Display£680£599PHOTO
FirewireGlazer5'1021 3/82 3/438.6FCSII (2+1)Display£680£599PHOTO
FirewireFlat Earth5'10202 3/433.36Futures (2+1)Display£720£649PHOTO
FirewireHydro Short5'1019 9/162 9/1631.4FCSII (5)Display£680£599PHOTO
FirewireEvo Squash5'1020 3/42 3/448.1Futures (5)New£699photo
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FirewireHydro Short5'1019 9/162 9/1631.4FCSII (5)Display£680£599PHOTO
FirewireEl Tomo 5'1020 1/42 11/1635.2FCSII (4)Display£800£720PHOTO
FirewireTwice Baked TT5'1122 5/82 7/845.7FCSII (5)New£699photo
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FirewireEl Tomo 5'1120 1/22 3/437.1FCSII (4)New£800PHOTO
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FirewireFlat Earth5'1120 1/42 3/434.2Futures (2+1)Display£720£649PHOTO
Pyzel Astropop6'020 1/42 9/1635FCSII (5)NEW£579PHOTO1
Pyzel Pyzalien6'019 1/22 3/831.30LFCSII (5)NEW£579photo
Pyzel Pyzalien6'019 1/22 3/831.30LFCSII (5)NEW£579photo
Pyzel Shadow6'019 1/82 7/1629.4FCSII (3)NEW£549PHOTO
HaydenshapesHYPTO KRYPTO FUTUREFLEX - PHONETICS LOGO6'020 1/2 2 3/4 36.56 FuturesNEW£749Buy Now
Pyzel Phantom6'020 2 9/1632.60LFCSII (5)NEW£579PHOTO
FirewireFRK6'119 5/62 11/1632.3FCSII (5)Display£680£599PHOTO
FirewireGreedy Beaver TT6'220 3/42 5/840.9Futures (5)New£699photo
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Pyzel Pyzalien6'2202 1/234.70LFCSII (5)NEW£579photo
NextEasy Rider 6'2212 5/839.20LFutures (3)NEW£559Buy Now
FirewireEl Tomo 6'221 1/4'2 15/1642.5FCSII (4)NEW£800£720PHOTO
Pyzel Phantom6'220 3/82 11/1635.9FCSII (3)NEW£549PHOTO
FirewireSci Fi6'320 3/42 7/839.3FCSII (5)Display£680£599photo
FirewireFRK6'419 5/62 3/435.2Futures (5)Display£680£599PHOTO
O'SheaEpoxy Fish bamboo6'421 1/22 3/4N/AFCS (5)NEW£ 419.95Buy Now
6'421 1/2 2 5/840.3LFutures (1+2)NEW£ 549Buy Now
firewireSunday6'420 3/42' 3/448.1 FCSII (2+1)NEW£720photo
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FirewireGreedy Beaver TT6'621 1/42 3/446.4Futures (5)New£699photo
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O'SheaEpoxy Fish6'621 1/22 3/4N/AFCS (5)NEW£ 419.95buy now
Studio/VenonTilt6'621 3/42 3/443.80 LFutures (5)NEW£ 588Buy Now
O'SheaBig Boy Epoxy 6'821 1/22 3/4N/AFCS (5)NEW£ 429.95buy now
6'821 3/42 3/443.8lFutures (3)NEW£ 588Buy Now
firewireSunday6'821 353.8 FCSII (2+1)NEW£810photo
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firewireseaside & beyond TT6'1021' 1/4"2' 7/8471 + FCSII (4)NEW£749photo
firewireseaside & beyond TT6'1021' 1/4"2' 7/8471 + FCSII (4)NEW£749photo
7'0222 7/858L Futures (5)NEW£ 549Buy Now
firewireSunday7'021 1/23 1/1656.7 FCSII (2+1)NEW£810photo
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O'SheaMini Mal 7'2212 5/8N/AFCS (3)NEW£ 459.95BUY NOW
O'SheaMini Mal 7'621 1/22 3/4N/AFCS (3)NEW£ 479.95BUY NOW
O'SheaMini Mal 7'1021 1/22 3/4N/AFCS (3)NEW£ 849.95
222 9/1051LFCS (5)NEW£278.95Buy Now
OxbowEgg (factory Second)7’0
222 9/1051LFCS (5)Second£278.95£199Buy Now
OxbowMini Malibu7’321 1/42 1/246LFCS (3)NEW£268.95Buy Now
OxbowMini Malibu (factory second)7’321 1/42 1/246LFCS (3)Second£268.95£199Buy Now
OxbowMini Nose Rider7’622 1/42 9/1062LFCS (3)NEW£289.95Buy Now
OxbowMini Nose Rider (Factory Second)7’622 1/42 9/1062LFCS (3)Second£289.95£199Buy Now
OxbowMalibu7’9222 9/1058LFCS (3)NEW£279.95Buy Now
OxbowMagnum8'423 1/43 1/572LFCS (1+2)NEW£308.75Buy Now
OxbowMagnum (Factory Second)8'423 1/43 1/572LFCS (1+2)NEW£308.75£199Buy Now
O'SheaEpoxy Longboard9'0222 5/8N/AFCS (3)NEW£ 579.95buy now
Studio Noise Longboard9'022 1/4 368LFutures (1+2)NEW£ 699Boy Now
VenonLongsoul9'022 1/4 2 3/469LFutures (1+2)NEW£ 699Buy Now
VenonVolute 9'022 1/4 2 3/469LFutures (1+2)NEW£ 699Buy Now
Firewire Wingnut Noserider (timbertek)9'423 7/16 3 3/880.2Single NEW£ 899PHOTO
Firewire The Gem (timbertek)9’522 1/2 370.3Single NEW£ 899photo