-Favorite Sailing Spot:

Gwithian, UK or Topocalma, Chile, both for cross-off port tack down the line, and Pozo, Gran Canaria or Coronation Beach, Australia when there is a swell for fun onshore riding and jumping.

-Favorite Rig Setup:

4.2 Simmer Blacktip with 370 NoLimitz mast and 63l Simmer custom, either for float and ride or powered side shore jumping!

-Favorite Sesh Fuel:

Bananas, chocolate, sandwiches, pasta-anything I can get my hands on!

-Pre-sesh pump up music:

Some dance/hype up music, perhaps Nero, David Ghetta, Ellie Goulding….

-Post-sesh music:

Depends how the session went! Maybe Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Mumford and Sons…generally more chilled stuff!

-Dream Session:

Logo high down the line, starboard or port, with smooth turquoise waves onto a sandy beach (no rocks!), and in a 3mm Summer suit or boardies with the sun shining and a few friends. Sailing until I can barely walk, then having some food already prepared for me and a campfire on the beach. Mmmmmmm….

-What you are working on now:

I am going to work a little on my freestyle to help my wave moves, such as gu-screws, shuv-its, punetas, as well as continuing to work on my jumping; stalled forwards on port tack, forwards on starboard, backloops both sides and also pushloops.

-Biggest pet peeve about windsurfing:

Probably carrying the gear, especially when there is no wind to make the sail feel lighter! Or screwing foot-straps in every time you travel?!

-Scariest moment sailing ever:

Going over the rocks at Punta Blanca, Fuerteventura in a logo high swell (for the second time that trip) when I was still getting into wavesailing… Luckily I only had a few cuts and bruises and a little kit damage.

-Best move(s)?

Backside aerials and frontside cutbacks.